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Major Research

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering has been engaged in the area of materials research since its foundation more than 40 years ago. Our research areas reflect the transformation of Taiwan’s industry, evolving from materials used in traditional industries such as textile, petrochemical, steel, or ceramics, to advanced materials which are at the core of innovation in the 21st century for the high-tech industry.

The research achievements of our department rely on the close cooperation with local industry partners, and have been contributing to  to the most competitive sectors of Taiwan’s industry, such as the semiconductor or optoelectronic industry. Our Department has excellent facilities, offering a wide range of specialist research equipment housed in research and public laboratories. 


Major Research Activities

Research Fields

Research Topics

Polymeric Materials

Polymer of Optoelectronics , Biotechnology,and Nanotechlogy

Manufacturing Automation

System Control, Mechanical Design for Polymer Processing

Organic Materials

Non-Polymeric Optoelectronic Materials and Nanomaterials

Fiber Engineering

Physical and Chemical Processing of Fibers and Fabrics

Inorganic materials

Micro-/Nano-Fabrication of Various Ceramic and Metallic Materials


Major Teaching and Research Subjects

Conductive Polymers and Polymer Composites (Prof. Hsien-Tang Chiu)

Bioengineered and Optoelectronic Polymers (Prof. Shiaw-Guang Hu)

Biomedical Devices (Prof. Ming-Chien Yang)

Control Systems Design and Automatic Optical Inspection (Prof. Chung-Feng Kuo)

Texture and Functionality of Soft Matter (Prof. Po-Da Hong)

Control System and Machine Vision (Prof. Chang-Chiun Huang)

Metallic Glasses and Thin Film Materials(Prof. Jinn P. Chu)

Functional Ceramics (Prof. Dong-Hau Kuo)

Electronic Packaging and Green Materials (Prof. Yee-Wen Yen)

Mesoscopic Materials and Plasma Processing (Prof. Shyan-Kay Jou)

Polymer Brush of Synthesis for Biochip. (Prof. Jem-Kun Chen)

Synthesis of Organic Materials (Prof. Jyh-Chien Chen)

Transition Metal Oxides (Prof. Shih-Yun Chen)

Electrochemical Conversion and Storage (Prof. Chen-Hao Wang)

Synthesis of Nanoparticles and Grain boundary Engineering (Prof. Shao-Ju Shih)

Polymer Nanocomposites (Prof. Chang-Mou Wu)

Synthesis of Frontier Materials (Prof. Chin-Yang Yu)

Advance Film Materials and Component (Prof. Wen-Cheng Ke)

Functional Materials (Prof. Shuenn-Kung Su)

Polymer Engineering (Prof. Shu-Kai Yeh)

Nanoscale Materials and Polymer Processing (Prof. Chih-Wei Chiu)

Advanced Semiconductors and Devices (Prof. Chiu-Yen Wang)

Flexible Optoelectronic Materials & Devices Lab (Prof. Chih-Yu Chang)

Polymer and Biomaterial Engineering (Prof. Yung-Hsin Cheng)

Nano Optoelectronics (Prof. Meng-Lin Tsai)