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About us

The department of Materials Science and Engineering, established in 1975, is a highly respected  institution within the Taiwanese materials science community.

Our department is devoted to offering students an education that combines a strong academic foundation with a unique interdisciplinary approach. We give the tools that will enable our students to grow and adapt to a quickly changing technical world.

In our courses, we provide the scholarly training needed to address the whole range of materials, from complex materials in polymer engineering, to electronic, optoelectronic, ceramic, and metallic materials, to advanced materials in nanotechnology and biotechnology. Major milestones in our history were the establishment of Master and PhD programs in 1979 and 1985 respectively, and of our international graduate programs in 2005. In 2010 , we change our name from “Department of Polymer and Engineering ”  to  Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Our department currently has 24 faculty members and offers undergraduate and graduate programs on Master and PhD level to about 640 students .


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