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Qualification Exam

Regulation of PhD Qualification Exam(博士資格考核辦法)

Procedure of Qualification Examination (alternative)

  1. The advisor will invite 3 to 5 professors (including Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Inside/Off-campus scholar or expert.) to the committee and give an oral test on the dissertation proposal. Once the candidate is granted, the candidate’s advisor has to hand in the granted certificate and the dissertation proposal to the committee for further deliberation.
  2. PhD candidates can have alternatives by submitting any theses which are accepted and published by SCI journal (neglect impact factor). Then, the advisor can hand in them to the committee for further deliberation. The paper which has co-authors should obey the regulations as shown below.
  • The department of material science and engineering should be the first priority of the research institutions in the paper.
  • The advisor should be the co-authors in the paper.
  • The research institution of first author in the paper should be the department of material science and engineering.
  • The candidate should be the first three authors of the paper. One thesis is only capable to one PhD candidate for Qualification. The candidate and advisor’s confirmation letters are necessary during application procedure.


PhD Thesis Proposal(博士論文構想單)

PhD Qualification Examination / PhD Thesis Proposal Grading Sheet

Application Form for PhD Qualification

A list of oral examination fee and the transport allowance document (English version)

(The procedure of applying for the oral exam fee is as follow item 4-7 of PhD program website: https://mse.ntust.edu.tw/p/412-1019-1765.php?Lang=en)


International students please contact with Lecturer  Huang (#6542 Office: E1-243 )