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Educational Goals


Undergraduate Courses


1. Encourage students' competitive spirit anf encourage them to meet the needs of society.

2. Inspire students' original and creative thinking.

3. Enhance their abilities of system integration as well as applied research.

4. Offer rigorous training in relevant theories.

5. Implement a stratified teaching approach, using diverse teaching methods (as in the Confucain tradition of "Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude")

6. Provide state-of the art teaching and experimental equipment in all experimental and technical courses.

7. Offer experimental courses that combine theoretical and practical approaches.

8. Include the most recent developments in material sciences in our courses reflecting structural changes in industry and in academic research advanced knowledge for students according to structural changes of industries and academic.

9.  Improve students’ soft skills, e.g. the ability to communicate effectively, to engage in team work and build up sound interpersonal relationships.

10. Enhance students’ English language skills to prepare them for the job market in a globalized.





1. Equip students with the knowledge and skills that  are necessary to meet the needs of society.

2. Foster students’ problem-solving, creative and innovative skills.

3. Equip students with a solid understanding of system integration.

4. Make students familiar with cutting edge research in materials science by following the newest developments in technology and society.

5. Train their oral presentation and academic writing skills.

6. Instill a sense of honesty and sincerity by living up to Taiwan Tech’s motto “Precision in Work and Sincere in Attitude”.

7. Develop personal qualities of leadership and communication which are essential to become successful engineering managers.

8. Raise students’ awareness of ethical aspects of science and engineering.

9. Develop a sense of responsibility for social and the environmental issues, and create an understanding that technology should serve humanity.

10. Equip students with foreign language skills and international perspectives to meet the challenges of globalization.